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The GoldschmidtKassel family was a branch of the Goldschmidt family, and lived for a considerable time in Kassel after the Fettmilch uprising and the ensuing expulsion of the Jews, eventually returning to Frankfurt. Like aliens, they were obliged to reapply for right of residence and were then renamed according to their former town of residence.
Later members of this family were probably descended from the leader of the Jewish community and moneychanger Meier Kassel at the Buchsbaum, and were related to the Buchsbaum family.Besides the Buchsbaum their family houses included the Apfelbaum alongside, and the House of the Birnbaum to the rear.
The GoldschmidtKassel family was one of the most respected in the Judengasse, and was related to other influential families. During the 18th century, many of its members were drapers and cloth merchants as well as moneychangers.
In the 19th century, the banker and Consul to the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Benedict Hayum Salomon Goldschmidt, founded the B.H.Goldschmidt Bank. He was married to the daughter of the banker Jakob Hirsch Kann. In 1878 his son, Maximilian Benedikt Hayum von GoldschmidtKassel, who was a partner in the bank, married Minna (also known as Minka) Caroline Freiin von Rothschild, the daughter of the last Frankfurt Rothschild.

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