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Wimpfen comes from the small imperial town Wimpfen on the river Neckar. Jews with this name are already documented in Frankfurt around 1300. One is the rabbi Alexander Susslin ben Salomon Wimpfen, who in 1307 paid the ransom demanded by the town of Rothenburg for the corpse of a famous rabbi, and had the body buried in Worms.
The name Wimpfen occurs only sporadically in the following centuries until in the 17th century a family appeared with this name which came from the older Landauer family in Ochsen. One example from this period is the prominent jeweller Moses von Wimpfen, known as Speyer. It is said of him that he lost 20,000 guilders through the bankruptcy of his debtors. This amount was more than the tax ceiling at that time, so that he must have been one of the leading businessmen. His sons and grandsons made some very good marriages, for example with daughters of the rich and influential Wertheimer and Kann families.

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