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 Infobank Judengassse Frankfurt am Main
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The central synagogue

Width at front: c. 24.50 metres, depth c. 25.60 metres

The main synagogue was the centre of religious and social life in the Jewish Community, T047, T044). With its frontal width of c. 24.50 metres and depth of c. 25.60 metres it was easily the largest and most imposing building in Frankfurt's Judengasse.
It was one of the first buildings in the ghetto and was subsequently repeatedly extended. In the great Judengasse fire of 1711 the main synagogue was destroyed along with all the other houses. A few weeks after the destruction the community started work on rebuilding their synagogue, with enthusiastic participation by the members. The synagogue was the first building to be reconstructed after the catastrophe.
It stood until 1854, when it was demolished and reoplaced by the new main synagogue of the Jewish community. This continued to be the centre of Jewish community life in Frankfurt until it was destroyed by the Nazis in the night of 9 November 1938 (Kristallnacht ).
Besides the main synagogue there were other, smaller synagogues in the Judengasse, for example in the Klause, in the Warmes Bad and in the hospital.

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