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Width at front: c. 3.30 metres (rear building c. 3.40 metres)
The Pfanne is first mentioned in 1552. In 1559 it was subdivided into front and rear buildings. In 1601 the two were rebuilt in a uniform style.
The house sign showed a frying pan with a long handle. One of the families that lived here took the house name Pfann as their family name.
The house and its rar building were occupied at times by just under 30 people. The most famous family to live here was the Rothschild family, also known as Bauer. They spread from the Rotes Schild to several other houses in the Judengasse. Until late in the 18th century the family did not play any significant role either in commerce or within the Jewish Community. Then one of the branchs of the family at the Pfanne resulted in Meyer Amschel Rothschild, the founder of the great international banking house. He was born on 23 February 1744 in the rear building of the Pfanne. After his marriage to Gutle Schnapper he moved in 1785 to the Grünes Schild, which subsequently became the family house of the Rothschilds.
In the great fires in the Judengasse in 1711, 1721 and 1796 the house was destroyed three times. It was rebuilt after the first two fires, but after the 1796 fire it was decided to redevelop the entire northern end of the Judengasse on spacious lines, in the course of which the house disappeared finally.

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