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Food and provisions merchant

There were up to 3,000 people living in the Judengasse who needed to buy food.
The Jews clearly did some of their shopping in the city market outside the Judengasse.
There were also numerous traders in the Judengasse selling all kinds of food.
Many of these obviously only traded in a small way as street traders.
Many women followed this occupation.
A report has been preserved of one such, Ms Reyle in the early 16th century.

Bread was a basic part of the diet.
Numerous traders sold it, often in combination with other foods like cheese and mineral water.
There is also evidence of the sale of herrings.
Alcoholic beverages like wine, beer and spirits were also sold in the Judengasse.
Specialities were supplied by tradesmen such as the honeycake bakers, although baking as such did not flourish in the Judengasse in the face of pressure from the Christian bakers' guild.

By contrast the buthcer's trade and meat trade were found extensively in the Judengasse.
Because of the diet laws the Jews had to be allowed to supply their own needs to a great extent.
Other traders specialised in various products, such as oils and fats or in expensive commodities like spices, which they also sold outside the Judengasse.

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