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There were three families named Beer in the Judengasse, and one of these was one of the wealthiest Jewish families around 1700. This family was a branch of the powerful HaasKann family. They were moneychangers, merchants, and bankers.
Among the family's most prominent members was the financier and Palatine consul Aron Beer II, who lived in the Pelikan und Armbrust during the 18th century. He had very extensive business connections, and his borrowers in 1703 included the Elector and margrave of BrandenburgBayreuth.
Even after the downfall of the Kann family, which dominated the Judengasse around 1760, many descendants of the Beer family continued to be influential bankers and merchants. Isaac Löb Beer zur Kann was married to Jachet Speyer: she was the daughter of the banker and court factor Michael Joseph Speyer, who was still living in the Steinernes Haus in 1812. Other family members worked as teachers or paymasters.

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