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The Bonn family descended from Jakob Bonn and his wife Sprinz, who moved into the Hirsch in Frankfurt in 1542. Their grandson Aron Bonn, who lived in the Fröhlicher Mann, was an important businessman who had dealings with both the Frankfurt city council and with Christian bankers, including Johan von Bodeck. By resolution of the city council in 1591, he was granted a key to the Gate at the Jüdenbrücklein to enable him to leave the Judengasse on business at any hour.
Towards the end of the 18th century, two branches of the family remained: one gradually rose to a position of eminence in the world of finance. In the 19th century Baruch Bonn and his son Julius were bankers and partners in the banking house "Baruch Bonn", which continued in existence until 1915.
The last descendant in Frankfurt, born there in 1873, was Julius Bonn. He died in London in 1965. Forced to leave Germany after Hitler's rise to power, he was a banker and an eminent professor of macroeconomics.
The "Villa Bonn" was built in 1890 by a member of that widelybranched family in Siesmayerstrasse. It has survived until this day and is currently the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

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