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Haas, also Gerotwohl

The Haas family, also known as Gerotwohl, is probably the most important family in the 350year history of the Frankfurt Judengasse. This is certainly true if the extensive family branches are included which descended from the Haas but adopted other names: Schuh, Kann, Stern, and Beer.
The founding father of this great clan was Salomon zum Hasen, who is first mentioned in 1530. He probably did not come from Frankfurt. He married the daughter of the wealthy Beer zum Buchsbaum, and ran a drapery in partnership with him. Salomon was very wealthy: in 1556 he paid taxes on the then huge sum of 10,100 guilders. He derived the extension "zum Hasen" to his name from his house, the Roter Hase , which he built in 1533 at a cost of 100 guilders. After his death, the site and the house were divided up and rebuilt on several occasions; and the Roter Hase ended up being the smallest house in the Judengasse. Salomon's many descendants, specifically those who had adopted different names, such as the Kanns, held a position of preeminence in the Judengasse over many generations. Their wealth and standing generally placed them among the leading Frankfurt Jews, in some instances right up to the 20th century. They often held the highest posts on the Jewish Community.

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