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The familyname Horowitz can be transliterated from Hebrew as Horwitz or Horowitz. There were many rabbis in Frankfurt with the surname Horowitz. They belonged to several rabbinical families and were not necessarily interrelated.
The chief rabbi Jesaja Horowitz, who held office in Frankfurt from 1609 to 1614 and founded a rabbinic family, came from Cracow. His son, Sabbatai Halewi Horwitz, was chief rabbi from 1632 to 1642, followed later by his grandson Jesaja Halevi Horowitz from 1678 to 1686.
Another family was started by Pinchas Halevi Isch Horowitz, who was born in Lechwitz in Poland and was chief rabbi in Frankfurt from 1772 to 1805. He was followed by his son Hirsch Zwi ben Pinchas Halevi Horowitz .
Another Horowitz family was founded by Markus Horovitz. In 1882 he was appointed rabbi to the orthodox section of the Frankfurt Jewish community. His eldest son, Jakob held the office of rabbi until 1938. From 1915 onwards, his son Josef was Professor of Oriental Studies at the University of Frankfurt, and his son Leo was a sculptor and woodcarver who made valuable religious objects for his father's synagogue, the Börneplatz synagogue.

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