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The Kulp family was a respected and wealthy Frankfurt Jewish family. They were descended from the older Gelhäuser family and took the name Kulp whan they moved house at the beginning of the 17th century, first to the Roseneck, and then to other houses, such as the Goldene Zange. The family was extremely wealthy. Its members followed the professions of luxury goods merchants, moneychanging and moneylending and eventually court factors. Their high social status was enhanced by several marriages to other wealthy families.
In the mid18th century the brothers Nathan, David, Suffel and Herts Kulp were bold enough to challenge the Kann family, the contemporary leaders of society within the Judengasse, for the leadership of the Jewish community. The long power struggles which resulted are recorded in the history of the Frankfurt Jews as the KulpKann disputes. The Kann family afterwards lost its social and political preeminence.

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