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The Rindskopf family, originally known as Rindsfuss, took their name from a house they occupied at a later period, the Rindskopf. They were descendants of Salomon Sacke and his wife Gutlin, who were expelled of Nuremberg in 1498. In the 18th century, the three sons of the broker Josef Alexander, who lived in the Ampel, founded three family branches who occupied several houses in the Judengasse.
Two of the brothers, Simon Rindskopf and Beer Nehm Rindskopf of the Ampel, founded a bank which quickly established business contacts throughout the German Empire. Their business connections included the court factor Samson Isaac Werthiemer in Vienna. At the registration in the 19th century, many members of the family adopted new names such as Rütten, Roberth, Rino, Ricard, Rüttenau, and Rikoff to get away from a name they felt to be unattractive.

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