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The Schnapper family came from Windecken in Upper Hessen and were probably related to the Gelhäuser family. When the Jews were driven out in the course of the Fettmilch Uprising in 1614, they appear to have returned to their home town of Windecken. There are records of the name Schnapper in Frankfurt again around 1700. In the 18th century the family divided into two lineages, the Winigs, named Schnapper, and the Gelhäusers, named Schnapper.
The WinigSchnappers were descendants of Lippmann von Windecken, who was admitted to Frankfurt in 1639. Their family home was the Silberner Leuchter. They were active as brokers, bankers, and court factors. In the 18th century Abraham Selkele and his two sons were in the service of the House of Metternich, on whose recommendation they were granted passes to leave the Judengasse in 1780 and 1781. The GelhäuserSchnappers were descended from the broker Wolf Amschel Schnapper zur Leuchte, who died in 1727. His grandson Wolf Salomon Schnapper zur Eule had a small bank and in June 1789 was granted a Sunday and Feastday pass to leave the Judengasse in consideration of business dealings on behalf of the Grand Duke Georg zu SachsenMeiningen. He became the fatherinlaw of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, who married his daughter Gutl Schnapper in 1770.

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