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There were two important Stern families in the Judengasse, both named after their family home, the Stern. One of the families was a branch of the Worms family and had their main home in the Storch next door to the Stern. Their descendants included wealthy brokers and famous rabbis.
The other and more important Stern family was a branch of the famous HaasKann family. They formed a separate branch in the 17th century when Samuel Beer Haas's descendants named themselves after their homes, Beer, Kann, and Stern.This Stern family was descended from Süsskind Stern, the brother of Isaak zur Kanne. Its members were among the wealthiest and most respected Frankfurt Jews. When the ban on Jewish wine merchants could no longer be upheld at the end of the 18th century, Samuel Heyum Stern opened a wine merchant's shop at the Kaltes Bad, which became the first great Jewish wine merchant's in Frankfurt. By the mid19th century this had developed into one of the leading Frankfurt banks. Other members of the extensive Stern family dealt in jewellery and metals, and were suppliers to the army.

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