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There were at least nine different families in Frankfurt with the name Worms. They originated from Worms am Rhein and took the name of their place of origin. No other town supplied so many migrants to Frankfurt. Between 1585 and 1656, no less than 17 Jews were given right of residence there after marrying Frankfurt Jewish wives.
The oldest family were descended from Vifus of Worms, also known as Bing, and his wife Golde, and lived from 1485 in the House of the Schwarzer Bär. His numerous descendants can be classified under the houses where they lived. One branch of the family remained in the Schwarzer Bär, others lived in the adjoining Engel, the Stern, and the Storch. Over the course of time they adopted their housenames as familynames.
However, the Worms at the Vogelsang, were descendants of Benjamin Simon Wolf, who was given right of residence in Frankfurt in November 1618 on his marriage to Gudle, daughter of Josef. Many descendants lived in various houses in the Judengasse, including Benedict Moses Worms at the Weiße Rose, who married the daughter of the banker and court factor Mayer Amschel Rothschild in 1795.

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