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 Infobank Judengassse Frankfurt am Main
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Width at front: Reifenberg, c. 1.80 metres

Width at front: Krachbein, c. 3.20 metres

The houses were built in 1608 when the neighbouring Strauß was extended and subdivided. The front house Reifenberg was a very narrow house with a frontal width of 1.80 metres, even though there were still smaller houses in the Judengasse. A path about 90 cm wide led to the rear building Krachbein, which was c. 3.20 metres wide and one of the mediumsized houses in the Judengasse. The house's occupants included members of the famous Oppenheimer family, whose importance extended well beyond Frankfurt. The two houses had space for four to six families. In 1709 for example there were 36 occupants in all. Around 1700 the families in the house were dealers in gold and silver, linen and lace, a luxury article. There were also small general storeholders. Finally there was also a rabbi living in the house.
In the great fire in the Judengasse in 1711 the two houses Reifenberg and Krachbein were destroyed and subsequently rebuilt. Following the emancipation of the Jews they were taken over in 1864 by the city for later demolition.

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