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Grüner Löwe

Width at front: c. 2.6 metres

The Grüner Löwe was built around 1600 by Zalman from Breitungen. It was the first house to the south of the Judenbrückchen.
The plot was originally a path with steps leading down to the driedup bed of the city moat, and was part of the land belonging to the house opposite, the Roter Löwe.
At the end of the 17th century the house was occupied by (among others) members of the Deutz family, who had taken their family name from their origins, the town of Deutz on the other side of the river from Cologne, David Deutz, who lived in the house from 1640 1679, held office as a "master builder" in the Jewish community. He and his son Jakob dealt in oil.
After 1680 the Flersheim family also lived in the Grüner Löwe. The founder of this family, Löb from Flörsheim am Main, moved into the house after his marriage. He was a cloth dealer and moneychanger and moneylender.
The house was destroyed in the fire of 1711 but soon rebuilt. In 1863 the city took it over for demolition.

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