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Width at front: c. 3.7 metres

The Kranich was built around 1570 on a site belonging to the Weißer Schwan opposite. The first occupier of the house was a merchant from the Weißer Schwan. To indicate the link between the houses, the city authorities gave the house another bird name. The house had a front and rear building and an average frontal width of just under four metres.
The occupants included the Bonn family and the related Deutz family, which came from the town of that name on the other side of the river to Cologne. In the 17th century they were prominent business people, but in the 18th century they were mostly merchants in the middle class.
In 1694 two families lived in the house, one earning a living by selling nails and "all sorts of articles", the other by dealing in hides. Just under ten years later there were six families living here. Their occupations ranged from moneychanging and moneylending to dealing in hides, laces (decorative) and thread, all of which were classified as luxury articles. In addition there a rabbi is mentioned.
During this period the house was combined with the neighbouring Enge Tür, but after the fire of 1711 it was rebuilt as a separate house. In 1862 the city took over the house for subsequent demolition.

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