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Width at front: c. 3.15 metres

The Meise was built around 1533 on land belonging to its neighbour to the south, the Silberne Kanne. Its house sign was a titmouse ("Meise"). Around 50 years later the Meise was subdivided to make the Goldene Stelze to the north. With a frontal width of c. 3.1 metres Breite it was an averagesized house.
The first occupants were members of the Bing family, which came from aus Bingen am Rhein. In the 17th and 18th centuries it was occupied by a branch of the Maas family, which took its family name from the house. Natan Amschel Maas, a prominent Frankfurt bookseller and a very prosperous man, was born in the Meise. He lived here until he moved to the Goldener Strauß in 1680, another family home.
The house was destroyed in the fire of 1711 but soon rebuilt. In 1843 the city took it over for demolition in 1850.

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