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Goldene Gerste und Silberne Kanne

Width at front: c. 6.8 metres

The two houses Goldene Gerste and Silberne Kanne were part of a row of buildings which were created on this plot during the 16th century and subsequently reunited. The Goldene Gerste and Silberne Kanne were merged to form a single house again
in 1711.
The Goldene Gerste was generally occupied by relatively poor people, including many schoolmasters, while the Silberne Kanne housed members of two influential Frankfurt families, the Ochs and the Oppenheimer families. The occupants included Natan Oppenheimer, who in 1660 was one of the highest tax payers among the jewish community. His son, Elias Oppenheimer, was the soninlaw of the influential Abraham Drach. In the 18th century the silk dealer Amschel Samuel Ochs lived here.
The house was destroyed in the fire of 1711 but soon rebuilt. In 1873 the city took it over for demolition in 1889.

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