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Width at front: c. 2.8 metres

The Rindskopf was created around 1603 by Bär and Löw Rindskopf who divided their father's family house, the neighbouring Rindsfuß down the centre. This house gave rise to the family name Rindskopf, which was regarded as rather offensive in the Judengasse. As a result members of the family frequently changed their name over time, for example to Ringes, Rino, Ricard, Riquet etc.
At the end of the 16th century the Rindskopf like the adjoining Rindsfuß housed mainly relatively poor people who traded in old clothes and bread or worked as schoolmasters or community servants.
The house was destroyed in the fire of 1711 but soon rebuilt. In 1864 the city took it over for demolition in 1879.

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