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Width at front: c. 9.2 metres

The hospital, also known as the hekdesh or Heckhaus, was one of the oldest houses in the Judengasse. It was built right at the start of the creation of the Judengasse in 1462 on the east side at the southern end of the Judengasse. It was one of the hospital buildings of the Jewish community.
Originally it was used to lodge and care for poor and sick Jews from outside Frankfurt, although this was forbidden by the residence code. It was one of the welfare facilities of the Jewish community and came under the hospital director.
At the beginning of the 18th century the hospital had 1215 patients. They were cared for by a married couple who lived in the hospital with their child. After the fire of 1711 the hospital was moved outside the Judengasse to the Völkerscher Bleichgarten site at the Jewish cemetery. The new complex was completed in 1718 and consisted of a row of six small slateroofed houses. In the Second World War they were destroyed in air raids.

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