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Width at front: c. 2.4 metres

The Sperber was built around 1580. Its first occupants included the family of Nathan from Harheim, a member of the tribe of priests. The visitation lists for 1694 shows that this narrow house with a frontal width of around 2.40 metres was occupied by four families. A widow and her 24yearold son dealt in old clothing. Two of the families came from outside Frankfurt and had been living in the city for a year as foreigners.
Fifteen years later there were at least 13 people living in this very narrow house. The Sperber is typical of the houses occupied mostly by the Jewish lower classes.
The house was destroyed in the fire of 1711 but soon rebuilt. In 1870 the city took it over for demolition.
In 1987 the foundations of the Sperber were excavated and restored. They can be seen here in the museum.

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