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Width at front: c. 2 metres

The Weinfaß was built in 1575. It stood on a site which belonged to the Bär. In 1586 this house was subdivided to create its neighbour to the south, the Schwarzer Löwe.
The first occupants of the house were the Harum family. They came from the village of Harheim near Friedberg. The builder of the house, Seligmann zum Weinfaß, acquired right of residence on 10 March 1587. In the 17th century members of the Worms family lived here; their family home was the southern neighbour, the Bär, at that time known as the Schwarzer Bär.
In 1694 the house was occupied by two famiilies. One dealt in laces, a luxury article, and the other dealt in horses.
Towards the end of the 18th century a murder took place in the house. The widow of Wolf Maas, Schönle Meise, was murdered by her maid on 23 December 1782. The maid, Frummet, who was about 16 years old and had lost one parent, fled to her uncle at Großgerau. Just under a year later she was arrested, executed and buried on the spot. After this the house remained empty, although it may have had an occupant who was recorded as living at the Paradies.
The house was destroyed in the fire of 1711 but soon rebuilt. In 1865 the city took it over for demolition.

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