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Width at front: c. 1.7 metres

The Sichel was built between 1521 and 1533 by the doctor Mosche from Aschaffenburg for his soninlaw Isaac Kol. It stood on land belonging to the neighbouring Löwe. Originally the site had been occupied by a building which was probably a shed. This is shown in the records as being inhabited from 1533 and is listed under the name Sichel.
In 1617 the house was subdivided and extended. The new building was called the Goldene Arche. This left the Sichel very narrow, with a frontal width of a little less than 1.7 metres. Instead of the original three apartments, the house now only had one.
In 1694 a married couple lived here who dealt in Leipzig linen, together with a maid.
From the 18th century the Sichel was used as an identifier and finally as a family name. At the registration of names in the Frankfurt roll of citizens in 1811 all those who had previously used the name Sichel as an identifier and who came from the house took Sichel as their family name.
The house was destroyed in the fire of 1711 and rebuilt with a small rear building. The city took it over in 1883 for demolition.

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