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Roter Hirsch

Width at front: c. 4.4 metres

The Roter Hirsch was built during the creation of the Judengasse at the end of the 15th century by Simon von Weisenau. Simon was the richest and most brilliant representative of the Frankfurt Jews of his day.
The house continued to be occupied by rich Frankfurt Jewish families. Parts of the Oppenheimer family in particular lived here for centuries and dealt in jewels here. The house seems to have been one of the most prosperous in the Judengasse.
The Roter Hirsch burnt down twice, first on 3 March 1523, when Simon von Weisenau was still living there, and then during the great Judengasse fire of 1711. It was rebuilt both times. After the emancipation of the Jews it was taken over by the city in 1880 and demolished. in 1883

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