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Width at front: 4.30 metres

The Hindin was built in the 16th century.
Most of the occupants were people who did not play any particular role in the business or community life of the Frankfurt Jews, and who are accordingly difficult to identify. However, the occupants are believed to have included members of prominent Jewish families such as the Oppenheimer and Schiff families.
The visitation lists show that around 1700 the occupants were relatively simple people, clothes dealers and dealers in other textiles such as hose and crepon. There was also a solitary widow, whose household included a schoolmaster from Worms with his family. He did not have right of residence and was classed as a foreigner.
In the great fire in the Judengasse in 1711 the house was destroyed and subsequently rebuilt. After the emancipation of the Jews it was taken over by the city in 1886 and demolished.

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