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Silberne Krone

Width at front: c. 4.20 metres

The Silberne Krone was in the judgment of the Frankfurt historian Alexander Dietz one of the "best houses" in the Judengasse. It is not clear whether it was built during the creation of the Frankfurt ghetto in 1462 or a century later. Dietz's description is based particularly on the occupants of the house, who came from the most prominent Jewish families in Frankfurt. For example, one branch of the extensive, rich and powerful HaasKann family lived here who took the house name as their family name, Silberkron. In the 18th century another occupant was a member of the rich Speyer family, Michael Joseph Speyer. Speyer had served the German emperor well since 1738 with munitions deliveries and had become very wealthy. One of his sons was Isaak Speyer, who was appointed imperial court factor in 1787 and became the richest Jew in Frankfurt before the emancipation era.
In the great fire in the Judengasse in 1711 the house was destroyed and subsequently rebuilt. After the emancipation of the Jews it was taken over by the city in 1883 and demolished.

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