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Width at front: c. 1.70 metres

The Hufeisen was built in 1561. With a frontal width of only around 1.70 metres it was one of the narrowest houses in the Judengasse. Its occupants also lived in modest circumstances. Both these facts are particularly surprising, since the two neighbouring houses, the Einhorn and the Silberne Krone were more than twice as wide and some of their occupants were very prosperous. For a long time the Lechnich family lived at the Hufeisen, and over time they adopted the house name as their family name. The historian Alexander Dietz describes the family as penniless. They probably lived from trading in secondhand clothes, which was not very profitable. Even so, one member of the family, Herts Lechnich, is reported to have had 5,000 guilders in the mid18th century. This was not enough to make him rich, but it did set him apart from the poorer classes and the rest of the LechnichHufeisen familiy.
In the great fire in the Judengasse in 1711 the house was destroyed and subsequently rebuilt . After the emancipation of the Jews it was taken over by the city in 1883 and demolished.

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