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Apfelbaum mit Hinterhaus Dattelbaum

Width at front: c. 3.10 metres

The Apfelbaum was created in the second half of the 16th century when the neighbouring Buchsbaum was divided in three. In 1620 a rear building was added. To show the structural relationship, the houses were given tree names as house names. The rear building of the Apfelbaum ("apple tree") was called Dattelbaum ("date tree").
The two houses were occupied in particular by the GoldschmidtKassel family. This family was spread through several houses in the Judengasse, and had particularly close links with the neighbouring Buchsbaum, which was the origin of the Apfelbaum. The GoldschmidtKassel family lived by wholesaling, mainly of cloth, and from moneychanging and moneylending. It was one of the wealthiest Frankfurt Jewish families.
In the great fires in the Judengasse in 1711, 1721 and 1796 the house was destroyed three times. It was rebuilt after the first two fires, but after the 1796 fire it was decided to redevelop the entire northern end of the Judengasse on spacious lines, in the course of which the house disappeared finally

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