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Width at front: c. 4.55 metres

The Roseneck was built in 1592. It stood on a site which was split off from the neighbouring Weiße Rose. The house name RosenEck ("rose corner") came from its former link with the Weiße Rose, and partly from the fact that before the great Judengasse fire of 1711 one corner of the house stuck out into the Judengasse.
Several families occupied the house during its two centuries of existence. The most important was the influential Kulp family. The Roseneck was more or less their family home. In the middle of the 18th century this family was engaged in a bitter power struggle within the Jewish community against the rich Kann family, known as the KulpKann disputes. The wealth of the Kulp family is clear from the size of the household. In 1709 the family of Moses Kulp at the Roseneck kept a manservant and three maids, an unusually large number of servants for the Judengasse.
In the mid18th century Mayer Amschel Flörsheim lived here, one of the most striking personalities among the Frankfurt Jews.
In the great fires in the Judengasse in 1711, 1721 and 1796 the house was destroyed three times. It was rebuilt after the first two fires, but after the 1796 fire it was decided to redevelop the entire northern end of the Judengasse on spacious lines, in the course of which the house disappeared finally.

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