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Goldene Schachtel

Width at front: c. 4.1 metres

The Goldene Schachtel was built around 1600, when the Goldener Löwe was demolished and replaced by a total of seven new buildings (two front buildings and five rear buildings). The Goldene Schachtel was the third of the five rear buildings in the Neugasse, which was a small side alley branching off the southern end of the Judengasse.
Like the other houses at the southern end of the Judengasse the house was occupied by butchers and night watchmen. At the beginning of the 18th century there was also a schoolmaster living here. At times there were also several foreigners who had not yet acquired right of residence.
The house was destroyed in the great fire of 1711 and rebuilt in 1717. In 1884 it was taken over by the city and demolished shortly afterwards.

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