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Beer, Aron

Aron Beer was court factor to the Palatinate. In the early 18th. century he was an important businessman and the most eminent member of his family, which was related to that of the Kanns. Like Josef Oppenheimer and Samson Wertheimer, Aron Beer was one of the leading court factors who, in the 17th century, increasingly became the indispensable financiers and army commissaries at every court. Aron Beer lived in the house Pelikan. He partnered his relative Isaak zur Kann in numerous business ventures. In October 1698, and in return for an advance of over 120,000 guilders, Aron Beer, his relative Isaak zur Kann, and a third partner purchased the revenue from the Palatinate's salt monopoly for a ten year period. They also took over and managed a form of paper money issued by the Elector of the Palatinate, as well as providing loans to other princes. Aron Beer, "whose integrity and reputation are wellknown wherever business is conducted" was recommended by the Elector of the Palatinate in 1701 to the margrave of BrandenburgBayreuth, and in 1705 began to serve the Elector of Mainz. Eventually the Elector owed him 50,000 guilders and the margrave owed him 120,000 guilders. Despite all his efforts,he failed to secure the repayment of these substantial sums, and he died penniless. The son of his partner Isaac zur Kann was obliged to file for bankruptcy. Other Jews in partnership with him, including Hertz Löb Manasse Darmstädter suffered serious losses.

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