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Eisenmenger, Johann Andreas

The Heidelberg professor Johann Andreas Eisenmenger spent some times in Frankfurt around 1700. Eisenmenger intended to publish a book with the title "Jewry Revealed" attacking the Jewish faith and customs. The book contained very hostile and malicious interpretations of Judaism, including the old claim that Jews killed Christians because they needed their blood for rituals at Passover. Although there was no basis whatever for this accusation, it appeared regularly, and had been used two centuries earlier to indict a Frankfurt Jew, Gompich. The Frankfurt Jews were very concerned and tried to prevent Eisenmenger's book from being published. They applied to the imperial senior court factor in Vienna, Samson Wertheimer. Wertheimer persuaded the emperor Leopold I to delay publication of the book until Christian and Jewish scholars had delivered an opinion on the accusation of ritual murder. This held up the appearance of the book until 1751, long after the death of the author.

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