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Knebel, the Jewish publican

Knebel, also known as Knäblein, probably came from Posnan in Poland. He was admitted to the Judengasse by the city council in 1490 as a publican. In return for a wine levy, which was renegotiated with him each year, he received the monopoly on wine and beer sales within the Judengasse. Jews in the Judengasse were permitted to run public hostelries for religious and cultural reasons, because food and drink had to be kosher,. prepared according to Jewish laws.
In 1499 to 1508 Knebel lived and worked in the house Elefant which was used as a winehall. He later moved to the house Affe, the new winehall in the Judengasse. Records show that he was there until at least 1533.
Many records document that Knebel and the owners of diningrooms in the Judengasse often came to blows over the selling of wine.

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