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Hildesheim, Samuel ben Josef

Samuel ben Josef Hildesheim was chief rabbi in Frankfurt during the years 1618 to 1621. He lived in the house Eichel, the official rabbinical residence.
Soon after the commencement of his period of office, violent disputes developed within the Jewish community on matters of selfadministration, and he was asked for an opinion. The community's administration was reorganised in line with his ruling, and the tenman Council increased to seventeen. Members of the community who had for long remained unrepresented were thus integrated into it.
Samuel Hildesheim held office at a time when the community needed to reorganise and reestablish itself after the Fettmilch uprising. He exercised a decisive influence on this process.
He also clarified and consolidated the rules governing the awarding of the religious title Morenu. A council of scholars was formed to assist the Dayanim, the rabbinic judges, in settling questions of religious law. During tradefair periods, a special court was set up with three Dayanim to deal with the temporary increase in legal disputes.

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