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Kohen, Chaim

Chaim Kohen was chief rabbi in Frankfurt from 1627 to 1629, and lived in the house Eichel, the rabbis' official residence.
He belonged to one of the most famous Jewish scholarfamilies. His grandfather was the "High Rabbi" Löw, chief rabbi of Prague who, according to the legend, had created a "Golem" (an artificial man).
Rabbi Chaim Kohen carried on the organisational reforms in the community initiated by his predecessor Samuel ben Josef Hildesheim. He published a revised election code which supplemented the existing rules for the election of the community leaders. This temporarily settled the serious conflicts within the community. His Sabbath lectures were delivered in the synagogue on Saturday mornings after the religious service, while other scholars preached in public during the afternoon.
In 1629 he left Frankfurt to take up an appointment in Posnan, where he died some six years later.

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