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Horwitz, Sabbatai Halevi

Sabbatei Halevi Horwitz was elected chief rabbi of Frankfurt in 1632. He lived in the official rabbis' residence at the house Eichel.
Horwitz was born in Cracow in 1592, was a rabbinical judge in Prague between 1622 and 1627, and then a rabbi in Fürth. His father, Jesaja Horowitz, also held office as chief rabbi in Frankfurt between 1609 and 1614. He wrote an introduction, entitled "The Hooks on the Pillars" (in Hebrew: Wawei Haamudim) to his father's principal work. In it he desribed the six pillars of a pious and worthy life. Like his father, he emphasized the value of the ethical basis of Judaism, and he contributed to its spiritual revitalisation. During his term of office it was decreed that the collectors of community taxes were to make their accounts public; the membership of the rabbinical judges was also redetermined.
After ten years in office, Horwitz left Frankfurt in 1642 and answered a call to Posnan.

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