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Bass, Mendel

Mendel ben Isaak ben Avigdor Bass, also known as "Samst", came from Cracow, and was chief rabbi in Frankfurt from 1644 to 1666. He lived in the official rabbis' residence at the house Eichel. He became extremely active in the Jewish community and contributed significantly to many new regulations. In 1644, for example, a levy was made on all heads of households to meet a poll tax on German Jews. A new procedural code was drafted for the rabbinical judges, and their number set at six. In the year 1656 an instruction was issued to Jewish doctors resident in Frankfurt to provide for medical care for members of the community. Doctors were forbidden to travel away without permission from two community leaders. Additionally, all doctors were obliged to treat their colleagues' patients in an emergency. Amongst the doctors living in Frankfurt who signed the document was Jone Bonn.
A further regulation originating from the period of office of Mendel Bass was the childrens' education regulation of 1662. Rabbi Bass acted with particular strictness to inflict severe punishment on those who blasphemed.
During the 1718th centuries, his descendants lived in the house Wetterhahn.

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