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Kaidnower, Aharon Samuel

Aharon Samuel Kaidnower was chief rabbi in Frankfurt from 1667 to 1677. He lived in the house Eichel, the official rabbis' residence. He was descended from a wealthy family from Wilna, which was forced to leave that town in 1655 when the Jews were expelled. He was called from Fürth to take up the appointment in Frankfurt.
Kaidnower was an important Talmudic scholar who published a commentary and several treatises on parts of the Talmud, a text on the Pentateuch (Five Books of Moses), and a Collection of Opinions. In 1674 new regulations were issued regarding the election of the community leadership and of officials of the Jewish community, the internal administration of the community, and the powers of the court.
Kaidnower laid great stress on the moral conduct of community members. He threatened those who did not pay their debts with severe punishments. Immoral conduct was punished by exile from the town. Clothing merchants were subjected to strict rules to restrain them from overeager salesmanship; no food and drink could be offered for sale unless prices had been officially approved. Games were only permitted during the festivals of Hanukkah and Purim.
Conduct during religious services in the synagogue was also the subject of many regulations.
Kaidnower left Frankfurt to take up an appointment in Cracow.

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