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Horwitz, Jesajah Halevi

Between 1678 and 1686, Jesajah Halevi Horwitz (II) was chief rabbi in Frankfurt. He lived in the official rabbis' residence at the house Eichel. Both his father, Sabbatei Horwitz, and his grandfather, Jesajah (Sch'loh) Horwitz had been chief rabbis of Frankfurt. Because the name is transcribed from Hebrew, the spelling varies between Horowitz and Horwitz.
Horwitz originated from Posnan, and had been called to Frankfurt from Fürth. Amongst the numerous resolutions bearing his signature is the new regulation for schools completed in 1684. Among other issues, this laid down that the maximum number of hours of instruction to be given by teachers should be nine in summer and eight in winter; rates of pay for teachers were also stipulated. Of special importance was his ruling on how the name of the town of Frankfurt should be spelled in Hebrew. It had hitherto been customary in Jewish documents, such as divorce papers, to spell the name as "Frankenurt". When consulted, Rabbi Jesajah ruled that the spelling
"Frankfurt" was also valid for formal purposes. Until as recently as 1933, many Hebrew books continued to refer to "Frankenurt" ("FrankenOrt", or "Town of the Franks") as their place of publication.

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