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Lissa, Abraham

Abraham of Lissa held office as chief rabbi of Frankfurt from 1759 to 1768.
He took the office after it had remained vacant for three years following the split within the community over the KulpKann disputes. He was regarded as a "humane and mild" man, and he had the support of the community.
His principal claim to fame derives from his ruling in the Clever Get dispute. This centred on whether a controversial divorce ruling by a rabbi in Cleves should be recognised as valid. This issue led to violent disagreements among the rabbis. Abraham Lissa ruled that the divorce was invalid because the husband was of unsound mind and therefore not competent to plead for divorce. Approved by the Frankfurt community leadership and rabbinate the ruling was bitterly opposed by other wellknown rabbis, but was ultimately endorsed as the prevailing view in the rabbinical rulings.

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