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Horovitz, Jakob

Jakob Horovitz was the oldest son of the Frankfurt orthodox Rabbi Markus Horovitz and worked there from 1902 onwards, initially as a teacher and then as a rabbi. Horovitz was born in Lauenburg in 1873, and studied in Marburg and Berlin. After graduation and ordination as a rabbi, he first worked as a teacher and lecturer on the Jewish religion at the Parallel Instruction Academy in Frankfurt am Main. He became director of religious instruction to the Jewish community, and then orthodox rabbi of the Jewish community synagogues at 23 Unterlindau and at Bockenheim. Jewish religious instruction in nonJewish secondary schools was largely in his charge. He was also extremely active in the field of social welfare for both Jews and others.
He was arrested even before the November pogroms of 1938 began, and was imprisoned and tortured. He became insane as a result, left Germany a broken man and died shortly afterwards in Holland.
He published many discourses on parts of the Talmud as well as on questions of religious philosophy in both German and Hebrew, including one on the Oxford manuscript of the book "Josif Ometz" by the the Frankfurt rabbi Juspa Hahn.

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