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Brüll, Nehemias

Nehemias Brüll was rabbi of the Jewish community and a member of the Jewish Reform Movement.
Brüll was born to a rabbinic family in Moravia in 1843. His grandfather was the famous Silesian regional rabbi Nehemias Trebitsch. After studying in Prague and Vienna, he graduated in Leipzig and assumed his first post as rabbi in Bisenz, Moravia. By the time he was summoned from there to Frankfurt at the age of 27, he was already a wellknown Judaic scholar and acknowledged Hebraist.
Brüll's religious sympathies lay strongly with the Reform Movement and he found the basis of Judaism to lie not in the Talmud but in the Bible. In Frankfurt he was especially active in the field of Judaic knowledge, and was the publisher of the Yearbook of Jewish History and Literature.
He died in 1891 at the age of 48, leaving a substantial library of academic books.

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