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Frankfurt feast days

In Frankfurt certain days were kept as special holy days linked to historical events in the Judengasse. 20 Adar following the Feast of Purim is celebrated as VinzPurim in memory of the execution of the instigator of the Fettmilch Uprising and of the return of the Jews to the Judengasse. A ballad over 100 verses long was written for this day of celebration, and it was performed in the Judengasse on the day of the Feast. The preceding day, 19 Adar, was made a day of fasting in preparation for the Feast.
27 Ellul commemorates the suffering which occurred during the plunder of the Judengasse in the course of the Fettmilch Uprising on 22 August 1614. 25 Tevet commemorates the great Fire in the Judengasse which occurred on 14 January 1711 (23 Tevet 5471 in the Jewish calendar) and destroyed the entire Judengasse.
Most of these holy days were introduced by the Frankfurt scholar Juda Michael Bing (died 1777), known as Koach Jehuda "The Strength of Judea".

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