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After the "master builders" the five treasurers were the most powerful group in the Jewish community administration. They managed the community's funds. Like the "master builders", the treasurers were honorary officers and were also elected for a sixyear period of office through the same complicated procedure by a restricted group of rich men in the community. As officials were often reelected, they frequently held office for life. They were among the most highly regarded members of the community. The two oldest treasurers had complete responsibility for the community's accounts, prepared the budget and determined the amount and date of collection for the various taxes and levies at their own discretion. The administration of the treasurers was very strongly a matter of personal judgment, and their acts were largely immune from public control and review. All this gave them a great deal of power.
This was particularly evident in the case of Isaak Kann, who was one of the treasurers in the mid18th century. He was a member of the Kann family, the richest and most influential family in the Judengasse. As treasurer he acquired such dominance in the Judengasse that there was a rebellion against him under the leadership of the Kulp family. This incident is known in the history of Frankfurt's Jews as the KulpKann disputes.

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